Project Tarrafal

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Our goal is to build a music and culture school for the children

In October 2021 we started realizing our first musical project at the Delta Cultura Centre in Tarrafal - Cabo Verde. It is a really beautiful cultural centre, in many senses. It gives the local children a possibility to do assisted homework, to play football or to do art. And it stands for violent free education. We will start a children's choir, a percussion / Palindrum group and give piano and singing lessons. Our aim is to build up on these groups and to start making concerts. We are also going to educate the local people so they can become music teachers and start courses in basic music education. We see that education and art opens up opportunities and will give the children more possibilities for their future.


We would be grateful if you supported us to reach our goal.

For this project we are still collecting children's instruments such as:

Recorder fluts






We are very happy, that we could already organize the transport of two pianos to Tarrafal!