Project Switzerland

We are organizing a series of playful music courses for children. It is a place, where we tell stories with music. The children are a part of the storytelling and join the journey. We make music out of movement and movement into music. There is a lot of clapping, dancing, stomping but also singing and making sounds with our tongues and mouths. We create different stations - islands; where slow and fast, loud and silent are being experienced. We are kings of the islands, we are pirates, we are captives, we sometimes make a hell lot of sound, sometimes we just whistle. We are led by the story, by the audience and we are everything that we want to be and we are everything the children want to be. 

1. Island "Musikalische Spielereien" : Tuesday - 25th May,14:00 - 16:00, MegaMarie Zürich

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