• OAtiatiKollektiv

Our first impressions in Tarrafal

Now we have been here in Tarrafal on the island of Santiago for a fortnight and have started our work. Our music courses have started very well, the children are hyper-motivated and are already waiting excitedly every morning in front of the music room for the course to start. We teach piano, singing and palindrum.

The work at the Delta Cultura Education Centre is very enriching, even if the high energy of the children sometimes leads to a bit of chaos. But the children's generosity and interest makes up for it.

Besides our work at the Delta Cultura Education Centre, we also looked at a public school in the neighbouring village. We are planning to set up a children's choir there, with a French musician who lives in the village.

What makes us particularly happy is that we also found sheet music of Creole music, with three children's songs in it! (although I suspect the children's songs have a Portuguese origin) In any case, the songs have gone down very well in the Delta Cultura kindergarten.

In addition to our teaching work, we also go to classes ourselves and learn the different Creole music styles from local musicians, as well as playing batuku.